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Participant’s Good News Story: Mary

Nov 24, 2018

Mary was referred to the Health and Care Sector Work Academy (HCSWA) by her Work Coach at the Peterborough Job Centre.

Mary met with a HCSWA Mentor to complete her enrolment onto the course.

Mary explained that she had been living in temporary accommodation with her two small children for a long time and had to buy ready meals as she only had access to a microwave. Mary was hoping that if she achieved employment within the health and care sector she would be able to move to a rented accommodation.

Before starting the course Mary said that she had ‘a clear sense of the future direction’ of her career and that this course would help her towards her eventual goal of being a nurse in the NHS.

While on the course, Mary saw a job as a Care Assistant and asked her mentor to support her with getting her CV up to date and to complete the application form. Mary and her mentor continued to  work closely together with job applications and interview practice which resulted in Mary achieving a paid position at Park House Nursing Home. Mary was then able to move into rented accommodation with her two children.

When Mary had completed the course she said that it had helped her to ‘get a job and develop skills in the care sector’. Mary also said that the course has reduced her anxiety problems and that she can ‘be someone and achieve something in life’.

Mary’s ultimate aim is to attend more training to enable her to be a nurse and would still like to be able to volunteer in her spare time.

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