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The Health and Care Academy Course

The Academy is an ideal opportunity to learn, earn and care. You could gain a recognised City and Guilds Level 1 Certificate in Preparing to Work in Adult Social Care and the basic knowledge of the Care Certificate Standards often required to work in the sector. You will also receive ongoing support from a dedicated mentor and it is all FREE!

Check out what the Academy has to offer: 

  • 10 or 15-week Health and Care course where you will gain a Level 1 qualification and an understanding of the Care Certificate standards 
  • A dedicated Mentor offering up to 4 months support in finding a job including CV workshops, interview practice and face to face opportunities with prospective employers
  • Financial support for travel, childcare or adult care while on the course
  • Basic English, Maths or ESOL upskilling

All of the courses are offered on your doorstep making accessibility easy and will cover travel costs if needed. The groups are quite small too, just 12 people per group, and are flexible to suit your needs. They are designed to suit your lifestyle so can be held in the evening or mornings whichever works best.

This course also caters for those who do not want to be in a direct health or care role by including the supporting roles in the sector such as administration, customer service, driving, catering, IT and more.

Pre Level 2 course offer

Preparing to work in adult social care

Understanding of the Care Certificate

Get the job support

Guest Speaker

City & Guilds Level 1 Qualification

Job Outcome


I’m really enjoying the course, it is hard. Tutors are very supportive and helpful and if further support is needed have mentioned to come in early for extra support.

So is it for you? Well, you are eligible if you live in or intend to find a role in Cambridgeshire or Peterborough and are receiving a benefit even if you are already in work including: Universal Credit, JSA, Working Tax Credit, ESA, Child Tax Credit or carers allowance. You can still claim your benefits whilst on the course as Health and Care Work Academy work with the local Job Centres.

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